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How to do the welding automation technology of pressure vessel

2015-01-10 01:43:47Source:China Quality News NetworkPublishman:China Quality News Network
Introduction: modern welding robot especially as the typical program control of flexible arc welding robot system, has the advantages of high efficiency, stable quality, welding in pressure vessel area attention.
With the development of the times, pressure vessel products related to aerospace, electric power, chemical, pharmaceutical and many other industries, the quality is qualified, safe and reliable operation directly affect the development of Chinas industry and the peoples living standards, pressure vessel is widely used in electric power, petroleum, pharmaceutical, coal and other industries. It is very important to improve the welding quality and mechanical automation level of the pressure vessel and the whole welding industry. The welding field affects the automation technology, material science, environment, NDT, mechanical and corrosion etc. The welding automation technology is an important branch in the field of welding, which has important significance to realize the automatic control of welding. For pressure vessel, welding automation technology is divided into two aspects: hardware and software. Hardware mainly refers to the automatic welding equipment and method of pressure vessel. The software mainly refers to the welding control technology, artificial intelligence technology and expert system, which are formed by the computer technology, electronic technology, automatic control technology and information technology.
Automatic welding equipment
Many kinds of automatic welding equipment, such as electric slag welding machine, submerged arc welding machine, gas shielded welding machine (CO2), argon arc welding machine, etc.. Chinas pressure vessel welding automation technology starting in twentieth Century five, sixty years, so far achieved great success. In recent years, the domestic automatic and semi-automatic welding machine has accounted for 20.55% of the total, the MIG/MAG welding machine is 63.12%, TIG 19.24%, the annual growth of 135.36%, submerged arc welding machine. As a new technology and new process, inverter welding machine has good welding performance and electrical performance, and is suitable for various welding methods and multi position welding of pressure vessel. The United States, Japan, the application of inverter welding has reached 30%, while Chinas inverter welding machine has been developed to the third generation of products, in the domestic pressure vessel industry is very optimistic about the prospects of application. Such as: Dongfang Boiler Factory, Haiqing Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd., Lanzhou petrochemical machinery factory has TIG, CO2 inverter for all position welding of boilers and pressure vessels. In early 1990s, the domestic has developed a long buried arc automatic welding and long MAG automatic welding machine, at present, there are more than a dozen domestic units using domestic model of water cold wall welding machine. The modern welding robot, especially the welding robot, as a typical process control flexible welding system, has the advantages of high efficiency, stable quality, etc., in the field of pressure vessel welding is highly valued. The flexible welding robot with the continuous reduction of its price will be popularized and applied in our country. It is a developing direction of the computer automatic control technology of welding equipment. In addition, some improvement, process equipment such as hydraulic cylinder head of universal welding equipment, turntable, small diameter tube longitudinal seam automatic girth welding machine, to a great extent, but also improve the degree of automation of pressure vessel welding.
Automatic welding method
Automatic submerged arc welding is the main technology for the welding of pressure vessel, which is applied to the head of the welding seam of the head and the tube, and so on. But at present, most of the control system of automatic submerged arc welding is still using the simple analog circuit, and the overall performance needs to be further improved. Welding technology is mainly used in the welding of thick wall pressure vessel, which is the main method of internal and external pressure vessel, which is the main method of internal and external pressure vessel. The high speed and high - speed strip electrode has been developed recently. Compared with the submerged arc surfacing, the grain size is small and the impurity content is low. Narrow gap welding technology for thick wall pressure vessel can be carried out all position welding, easy to realize the automation of welding process. At present, the technology has realized the preset parameters, automatic welding voltage, current and speed, and has a high and horizontal automatic tracking system. Gas welding with arc heat concentrated, the molten pool is small, the advantages of fast crystallization and welding process without slag, mainly used for all position welding and welding process, is conducive to the realization of mechanization and automation. CO2 welding is a high efficient welding method, China Petroleum seventh construction company introduced all position automatic welding technology of spherical tank cored wire from the United States, the weld of high efficiency and fast speed, improve the welding conditions. TIG welding technology is mainly used for welding seam sealing performance and mechanical properties of high pressure vessel, can accurately control the volume and shape of the molten steel, can better realize the full position welding of pressure vessel. Laser automatic welding technology because of its high energy density, the HAZ area of the minimum characteristics, can weld almost all of the metal, can be all position welding, has been to the thick wall pressure vessel welding development, but due to the high price and equipment, the application of the pressure vessel in front of the scene to be observed.
Welding control technology
In recent years, welding automatic control technology in the pressure vessel industry has been a great development. Welding seam tracking is an important part of the welding automation control system, which has profound significance to realize the welding automation in the process of pressure vessel production. At present, the application of the seam tracking system