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14 common problems in the current domestic construction machinery repair

2015-01-10 01:44:05Source:OFweek 工控网Publishman:OFweek 工控网
Review: in the maintenance of mechanical parts, substitute or misuse of the phenomenon still more common, some parts of emergency replacement is feasible, but long time use is harmful to safety and technical performance of machinery.
There are many technical problems in the domestic construction machinery maintenance industry. The existence of these problems, resulting in poor mechanical maintenance, equipment availability, so that consumers suffer, and even major construction machinery accidents. This paper analyzes the common technical problems encountered in the maintenance work of engineering machinery, not to look at it!
1, can not correctly judge the analysis of failure, the phenomenon of large and large demolition of the blind to remove the common
Some maintenance personnel due to the mechanical structure of the project, the principle is not clear, do not seriously analyze the causes of failure, can not accurately determine the fault location, with the "probably, almost" the idea of a large demolition of machinery and unloading, the result is not only the original failure, but due to maintenance skills and process is poor, and new problems. Therefore, when the mechanical failure, to detect the device, such as no testing equipment, through the "ask, look, check, test" and other traditional methods of fault diagnosis and means, combined with the structure and working principle of engineering machinery, determine the most likely place of failure. In determining the fault of construction machinery, the commonly used "exclusion" and "comparison method", follow from simple to complex, first appearance after the first assembly and parts, internal order, avoid "without forethought, blind dismounting".
2, the replacement of parts and components, the phenomenon of the "replacement for a piece of repair" in varying degrees.
Troubleshooting and mechanical engineering judgment is relatively difficult, some maintenance personnel with a consistent method of test, no matter large small pieces, as long as that may be the cause of the fault components, a replacement test, the result not only failure is not ruled out, and the replacement of parts replaced, an increase in consumer spending. Still some failure parts can be repaired by repairing its technical performance, without the need for complex repair process can be repaired, but the maintenance staff has asked the user to replace the new piece, a taste for change repair method, resulting in serious waste. The blind replacement test and the replacement of the replacement parts can be repaired in a number of repair units in the presence of varying degrees. In the maintenance, should be based on the phenomenon of failure analysis to determine the cause and location of the fault, the repair of parts to be repaired to restore the technical performance, to put an end to the practice of blind replacement parts.
3, do not check the quality of the new parts, the problem of the failure of the assembly is more common
In the replacement of parts, some maintenance personnel on the new parts do not do technical inspection, after the direct installation of the construction machinery, this approach is not scientific. Spare parts currently on the market are not bad quality, some fake fish and some accessories; accessories inventory for too long, the performance changes, without detection, often caused by failure after assembly. In the replacement of new accessories must be carried out before the necessary inspection tests, including the appearance and performance testing, to ensure that the new parts without failure, to prevent unnecessary trouble caused.
4, do not pay attention to substitute or misuse of accessories accessories models, the more common phenomenon
In the maintenance of mechanical parts, substitute or misuse of the phenomenon still more common, some parts of emergency replacement is feasible, but long time use is harmful to safety and technical performance of machinery. Some maintenance personnel on the mechanical structure, the principle to understand less, a lot of spare parts model does not match, but that as long as can be installed on the line, do not consider whether the ability to play a mechanical performance. Therefore, in the maintenance of engineering machinery, should try to use the original types of accessories, not available in other types of accessories substitute, but not misuse.