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Optimize production process using 3D printing

2015-01-10 01:57:11Source:China economic timesPublishman:China economic times
OFweek industrial network: the introduction of Chinas manufacturing 2025 strategy, will promote the manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading process. Many Chinese enterprises to join the ranks of the international brand as the goal, to find a new way of saving time and cost, and thus enhance their own innovative ability. In the process of innovation, to provide personalized custom products, shorten the product cycle, and efficient use of resources is related to the enterprises ability to lead the layout of the decisive factor in its intelligent manufacturing. In order to reform the manufacturing methods, more and more manufacturing enterprises will be looking at the manufacturing technology of increasing material? That is, 3D printing, so as to optimize the production process.
3D printing application in research and development and production processes
According to the China Economic Times reporter, Qingdao Haier Mold Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haier mold) will be 3D Stratasys printing solutions for all aspects of research and development and production. On the one hand, the appearance, structure and function model of the household electrical appliances based on the 3D technology of the FDM printer, Haier mould greatly reduces the time cost from design to production, avoids the production delay.
Haier mold rapid prototyping Center Project Manager Zhu Mingju said: 3D printing technology to subvert the traditional model of production, can save 69% of the time for us to save time. Especially in the production of complex parts model, 3D printing is an excellent choice."
3D printing advantages in direct manufacturing to help Haier mold repeatedly to resolve the production crisis. The company has been a fan of the imported crane equipment fan blade suddenly damaged, resulting in equipment disabled. Haier mold through the damaged fan fan blade for 3D scan, and then use the Fortus900mc 3D printing, only 7 hours to produce a standard of the strength of the fan blades, equipment can therefore be re put into production.
Shanghai Jahwa Abt Associates Inc is the domestic cosmetics industrys first listed company. Enterprises realized that with the increasing emphasis on product packaging, a beautiful, unique packaging design has become more important than ever. Shanghai Jahwa purchased a 3D printer rapid production of packaging container model.
Because some cosmetic packaging container has irregular geometry, and the model has a certain transparency, it is necessary to make it into a hollow to verify the capacity of the liquid to be loaded, making a packaging container model is not so simple as to do. The packaging design team through the 3D printing model of glass bottles, plastic bottles and other packaging container design for appearance, feel, capacity and other aspects of rapid verification. Using 3D printing, the design team can make 5-6 container model in a short time, and in the same time, the 2-3 model can only be produced by the traditional CNC technology.
Direct digital manufacturing applications boom
Direct digital manufacturing (DDM) in many 3D printing applications has caused a boom in China and the global market. Direct digital manufacturing by 3D data, print directly to parts of layers, without mechanical processing, mold or casting. Direct digital manufacturing opens a door for product design, while leading companies to break into new markets and create new business models. Crump Stratasys, chairman of the board of directors of the board of directors of the board, said Scott direct digital manufacturing "for the traditional industrial design process is a low risk, high yield new choice".