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Intelligent manufacturing is the "evolution" direction of low voltage electrical apparatus

2015-01-10 02:05:08Source:China Electric PowerPublishman:China Electric Power
OFweek industrial network: low voltage electrical appliances, the threshold is not low, but the product of a serious duplication of competition. If companies do not upgrade, or focus on low-end products, will not meet the needs of the development of the industry. In recent years, the lower the cost of raw materials, but labor costs are gradually rising, labor costs in the next few years will be higher, but the current robot processing and other automated processes are not achieved, resulting in a huge pressure on small and medium low voltage electrical appliances. Therefore, intelligent manufacturing is the highest level of automation of the low voltage electrical appliance industry." An unnamed industry source said.
Known as the "low-voltage name card" of Zhejiang Province, Liushi Town, in the low-voltage electrical industry upgrading heavy again.
Recently, the city held a mobilization meeting for the development of the electrical industry, the introduction of the Yueqing electric industry to enhance the development of special action to implement the views, a clear implementation of comprehensive improvement action.
Will be informed of the citys electrical industry is faced with a greater downward pressure, ~ September, to achieve profit of 1 yuan, down 2.4%, the overall decline in the low voltage electrical appliance industry is about 8%. In the face of "price drop, the city will start Paimo list production quality and low price products and deliberately lower prices competition enterprises, increase efforts to investigate. The responsible person also said that the electrical industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, towards the end, enterprises should flow, seize the opportunity, efforts in technology development, talent introduction, new product development, marketing mode to speed up efforts toward the high-end, intelligent, brand development.
Grafting intelligent manufacturing to improve automation level

From the above analysis of the industry, is not difficult to feel, the low voltage electrical industry is urgent, especially to improve the level of intelligence, to reduce production costs. Under the new normal, labor, growth factors, improve the automation rate is to create economic benefits, the effective way to achieve business development. The best way of enterprise transformation is to improve the efficiency of the labor resources and the advantage of the labor resources." Who is responsible for Delixi Electric said.