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Engineering machinery industry in the transformation and upgrading of the market planning

2015-01-10 02:06:34Source:China industry newsPublishman:Xiaozhuo Zhang
OFweek industrial network: construction machinery market is very rich in content, including security services, maintenance, leasing and manufacturing etc.. In the face of huge profits, the prospect of a broad market, in its development process, the core competitiveness of the elements in where? How to plan and market after the nuggets?
"The development of heavy sales, the low period of service" has become the pursuit of development strategy for most companies. For construction machinery, it is still required to follow the market rules. In todays situation, the competition between enterprises has become more and more fierce, and the market has gradually shifted from the quality of the product.
Future market prospects
Around the sale of services, accessories, two mobile phones, and then made a series of activities known as the post market, after the market is divided into three stages: the new machine delivery, the first phase of the three package is the first phase of maintenance service is the second stage; 8 years or 10 years later, the product needs to upgrade and re manufacturing is the third stage. The company strategy needs to be developed for different markets. To find out the core advantages, explore the operation mode, including customer resources, core technology, accessories channels, etc., to do a good job of exclusive competition.
After the construction machinery market mainly includes service (repair and maintenance), accessories, leasing, two mobile phones and re manufacturing these five parts. The potential of a construction machinery equipment market is often more than the cost of purchasing equipment. Relevant data show that Europe and the United States national construction machinery industry profits, new equipment contribution ratio is less than 20%, the contribution rate of maintenance services accounted for half of the country, part of accessories and leasing business of second-hand equipment and contribution rate are very prominent, such as the mature markets of the US, Europe and Japan, sales of construction machinery and post market revenue the proportion of 64 to 100, and in the China construction machinery market, the proportion is only 350 to 10.
Chinese engineering machinery enterprises are aware of the gap, and in the "force" the market after this piece of blue ocean, such as second-hand car sales and rental xugong. Data show that the first half of this year, make an inventory of second-hand mobile crane XCMG resources 58, sales amount exceeded billion yuan, at the same time, Xugong also implemented a leasing business, the second-hand car rental business mainly for all terrain crane tonnage of 300 tons or more, do not have the ability to purchase large tonnage products users. May be the product of the lease, fully meet the diverse needs of users.
In the entire post market business drivers, Liu workers also launched a global operating lease, financial leasing, etc., a few years ago to carry out the used equipment business. Used equipment business has expanded the benchmarking agent in the channel system, agents can be used to cross the operating lease, and actively participate in international operations of large state-owned construction enterprises, in the market downturn, the operator and the operators operating pressure has been eased.
Total investment of three one yuan of 200 million engineering machinery products and then manufacturing projects in Liuyang recently settled in the manufacturing industry base. After the project is located in the project, the main business areas for three one engineering machinery and accessories sales, leasing and related after-sales service; construction machinery and spare parts and parts manufacturing sales and after-sales service.
Diversification of marketing methods
In the FMCG marketing layout, "e-commerce" is common, but for the production of the huge monster heavy equipment manufacturing enterprises, it is a groundbreaking attempt. In contrast, in the engineering machinery of the "post market" - the field of electronic commerce to conduct electronic business is quite feasible. At present, Chinas post market gold content compared to the international market is far from the international mature, in the field of electricity suppliers, we generally do not achieve their desired goal. Core competitiveness is the key to the construction machinery industry electricity suppliers, which is reflected in the income also have a long and short.
Big data to enhance the core competitiveness. Big data to the purpose of the customer as the center, through the information platform, the relevant aspects of data collection, analysis, and application. For example, accessories store, can be based on the product to look for accessories, but also to borrow the local spare parts library, the purpose is to make all the host companies, agents and warehouse storage of the spare parts flow. This is a need to build a new model, we need to stand in the customers position, the use of scientific tools, plus the practical operation of the management methods and methods, to the construction machinery market to do what we can do.
After the development of the market in the final analysis is to profit. Access to the root of the user needs, the user wants to get is fast, effective, economic, professional services, from these four perspectives, the elements of different post market companies are not the same. Host plant more is to provide technical support, agents are more to establish credit quality. Each enterprise has its own strengths and short board, some companies use the whole channel to buy the user, and some need to rely on social resources to meet their own, so the different elements of the composition is not the same.
At present, the status of market advantages in the field of many foreign engineering machinery manufacturers have entered the market and seize the Chinese, in this case, the construction machinery enterprises China should be a thorough understanding of the market, after careful analysis of the market, as soon as possible after the market will be upgraded to the strategic level, combined with the stage of development with its own unique advantages, the development strategy, seize opportunities the development of the market, grab the first China engineering machinery industry, from the fierce