Product Detail

Axle Specification

Standard axle length L can be 880,1040,1080 and 1180,also can be made according clients requirement.
2.Brake drum size can be Ø180,Ø220
4.For brake drum size Ø220 drum,there are 2 kind of bolts:
4 holes halft floating axle,vehicle weight is partly loaded on axle half shaft and axle shell.
5 hole full floating axle,vehicle weight is all loaded on axle shell,has better load capacity.
5.Brake is hydraulic brake or mechanical brake.
6.Spring distance D is can be decided by clients requirement,we can only supply the parts for client weld.
7.Reduction ratio:
normal ratio larger torque ratio
Fast Speed: 2.67 5.36
Middle Speed: 3.08 6.21
Low Speed: 3.72 7.5
8.Standard axle tube diameter is 60mm,if need heavy load,diameter can be 63mm.
9.Named load is 2tons,but for actual load,4ton is also ok.
10.For input side of axle,please refer to specification in drawing:
11 Sshift operation Structure and wire will be supplied to client as their requirment.

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