Product Detail

the  limited slip ifferential gearbox is applied on 4 wheel driven or 2 wheel driven vehicle such as ATV,UTV,golf,jeep,Karting and electric vehicle and so on.

below are the front driven differential gearbox,it has gearbox on its input side which make it can shift between 2wd and 4wd.

the differential gearox is composed of below

 the theory of limited slip differential,it is slider and disc spring,please see below picture:

Reduction Ratio of differential gearbox is :33:9, 32:13, 31:10

 On output side of limited slip differential gearbox,it is spline shaft or spline hole:Spline teeth No. is 22,32

on input side of limited slip differential,spline teeth 13 teeth.

Drawing of rear driven limited slip differential.

Drawing of front driven limited slip differential.

Below picture are the installation of the rear limted slip differential and front limited slip differential

it can be used on 4 wheel drive vehicle from 300cc to 1100cc