Product Detail

2 speed Front Driving Electric Vehicle Axle:

      2 speed Front Driving Electric Vehicle Axle is used for electric vehicle that is front driving,can be used with motor that rated power is 3kw to 10kw,max power from 10kw to 30kw.

     for transmission of 2 speed Front Driving Electric Vehicle Axle,it has 2 speed:

    high speed: 6.776

     low speed:11.882

       The axle will including following parts:
2 speed electric vehicle gearbox with differential,
half axle,
brake calliper,
brake disc& rotor,
wheel hub and bearing,
rim mounting bolts.
half axle length can be adjusted according to your requirement.

wheel hub bolts pattern are 4-M12-Ø114.3,4-M12-Ø110,4-M12-Ø100,4-M12-Ø101.2

Also Motor and controller is supplied by us.

we can supply motor and controller as following spec:

3kw motor and controller,

5kw motor and controller

7.5kw motor and controller

10kw motor and controller