Product Detail


LMA26 and LMCA450
Reluctance for maximum torque density
Four-quadrant operation
Low electro-magnetic audible noise
Low-cogging torque for better NVH
High voltage inverter
Operational speed 0~3300rpm
Max Efficiency   94%
Max/continuous power   65/25 KW
Max/continuous torque   800Nm/350Nm
Operating voltage   320V~580V
Communication      CAN2.0B
Weight Motor        37Kg
Inverter             11Kg    

System protection IP6K7K
Max coolant temperature 65

Coolant type 40/60 water-glycol

GB/T18488.1 The electrical machines and controllers for electric vehicles – Part 1: Technical conditions
GB/T18488.2 The electrical machines and controllers for electric vehicles – Part 2: Test methods
AEC-Q100/ Q101/ Q200 Automotive components
Road vehicles - functional safety base on ISO/ DIS26262 principles
* 30 seconds, 55
, 384Vdc
* All specifications are subject to change.
25kw Electric Power and Controlling System
3An efficient turnkey solution for electric and hybrid applications, especially on heavy-duty vehicle
or heavy-duty platforms.Rare Earth permanent magnets motor offer high efficiency power and torque
density.Automotive grade insulated-gate bipolar transistors(IGBT) controller offer highest power
density and current density.